KNLS Station in Anchor Point, AlaskaIf you are a regular reader of, you are surprised at what you are seeing. This reconstruction of our website is way, way overdue! We hope that as you explore its pages you are pleased with what you see.

The website,, is a companion to our shortwave radio programming that is heard daily from KNLS at Anchor Point, Alaska.  From this station we serve the Pacific Rim seven days a week with great music, current news, and The Good News. The Pacific Rim is that part of the Eastern Hemisphere that encompasses the English-prevalent countries of the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

The KNLS English Hour is the Pacific Rim’s source for music to love, news to know, and a message to live. On this website you will have opportunity to listen to today’s (or yesterday’s) hour-long broadcasts from KNLS.

Explore our website today and return often. It will be updated regularly with new and fresh material from a wide spectrum of topics and offerings.

We are here to serve YOU! Thanks for joining us!

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