Charles Caudill, President of World Christian BroadcastingWelcome to our website!  For 27 years, radio station KNLS has been covering most of China, Russia, and the Pacific Rim countries with messages of information, entertainment, encouragement, and hope. Through the Internet, we expand our services both to our radio listeners and to all of you who have come directly to the website.

You know what kind of world we live in. Everywhere are threats of political, religious and economic upheaval. Millions in our world are searching for meaning in life, for a relationship with God, a search to know the plans God has for our lives, our communities, and our nations. It is our hope that as people become reconciled with God, we may then see reconciliation between humans, among nations, the throughout world.

KNLS was created as a response to that need for reconciliation. Our intent is to be a voice of anticipation as we search for good news—God’s news—to break into a world that desperately needs it.

Communicating through our international shortwave radio station KNLS located at the top of the world in Anchor Point, Alaska, and through this website, we want to bring you powerful messages that will invite you to return again and again.

One of those tabs at the top of the page reads, “Broadcasting.” On the left, click on “For Your Reading Pleasure.” You will be amazed at the richness and the variety of the messages you will read from some of the speakers that listeners to KNLS have learned to love. Then check out other sections of the website. Under “Contact Us,” let us know what you think.  We would love to hear from you!

What you read on these pages will be messages which encourage a search for meaning in life, spiritual reflection, cultural understanding, and a personal study of Christian topics.  Please join us in a conversation that examines the life-changing Good News of God.

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