Dear God and Father in Heaven, we adore you and we recognize you as our God and our father. We know that you are perfect in every way. There are many things, dear God that we don’t understand about you. We know you are perfect and we know you are holy in every way. In this prayer we exalt your name above every name of the earth.

We are in awe of you and of your mercy and of your grace and of your forgiveness that you offer to us. Thank you for the offer of forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Many of us are looking for you and you have promised us in your Word that you will bless those who are looking for you that you would help us find you. Dear God, we have a hard time forgiving ourselves when we sin. Sometimes we have a hard time forgiving others and that makes us have a difficult time understanding your grace and your mercy. I pray that you will help us grow every day to a deeper understanding and appreciation for the forgiveness that we can have through Jesus.

We thank you for today’s food, clothing and shelter. We thank you that you are not moody. We’re thankful that we don’t have to tantalize you. We’re just so thankful for your consistent love and grace and mercy. May those of us who are trying to understand more things about Jesus, may we have the ability to do that. Put us in contact with people and with information that can help us understand the forgiveness that we can enjoy through the blood of Jesus Christ that is sacrificed for everybody in the entire world. Help us realize that no matter what we’ve done in the past, that the blood of Jesus Christ can enable us to enjoy forgiveness from your hand. Dear God, thank you for being a good forgiver. We need it so badly. Help us to appreciate it more.

Bless each of us this day. Bless those who are praying with me right now and give them a great day today.

It is in Jesus name I pray.


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