Dear God, we thank you for showing us a new way to live. Some of us are having a difficult time understanding it and grasping it. Some of us are filled with hate. Some of us are filled with revenge. There are some folks that have wronged us and hurt our family members and we want to just hurt them. I ask you to help us deal with people we hate. I ask you to help us deal with people for whom we have revenge.

I pray for parents, for spouses, for a boss, for a neighbor, for a bully, for maybe even a political leader that right now we just don’t like very much. I pray that you will rescue us from the prison of hate. And help us realize that the one that really is affected the most and the worst by hate is ourselves.

Father, there are many places in the world today where I would ask you to intercede. I would pray for North and South Korea. I would pray for places in the world where there is war. I would pray for people in the world that that’s all they know is the sounds of war and the sounds of threats around them. Father, Sri Lanka has had many, many thousands of people that have died over the last year and a half or so due to some unrest and hate and revenge. But they represent many places throughout the world, dear God, where that is the case. We lift up all of those people today in this prayer that we sometimes hate, those folks we sometimes have revenge for. We ask you to change them, but until they are changed, we ask you to help us change ourselves.

Thank you for giving us a brand new way to look at things Thank you for being our God.

It’s in His Name that we pray.


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