Dear God in Heaven, you are holy; you are all powerful; and you are the source of wisdom. We have some troubles we want to ask you to shoulder for us today. You know the needs of everyone with whom I am now praying, dear God, and I ask you to enter their life and be involved in the things that cause them grief. Help us to claim the sufficient strength that we need for today that you have already promised to us.

I pray for the relief work that is still going on in the tsunami and the Solomon Islands area. I pray for Indonesia and the continued relief effort from the earthquake and the flooding that has been going on there. I want to pray for places in the world that are places of war. I want to pray for places today that are hungry. I pray for the parts of the world that need medical care. I pray for the places today where terrorism is a daily activity; where people who live in those areas fear it every day they live. They hear it outside their door every day. They notice it outside their window when they look outside those windows. I pray, dear God, for those places where it is very easy to give up and quit.

Help people who are listening to me right now know that they have not been forgotten. Help them to know that they are being remembered today and most of all that you remember them and the particular things which they face.

We thank you for being our God; we thank you for being our Father. You have told us, dear God, that if we will seek after you, you will help us find you. So for people today who are looking for you, may they find something about you today that will draw them closer to understand you better. You are God and we are not. Help us in our struggles, help us in our journey toward you. And you have already promised us that you are going to do that.

So may everyone praying with me right now gain strength and endurance and most of all hope for the things they will face today.

I pray this in the precious name of Jesus Christ.


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