Dear God and Father in Heaven, we thank you we can talk to you today because some of us are facing constant threats all the time. Some of us live in countries or live in families or live in a life that all we have it seems is things that are threatening us.

I want to pray for efforts by many good people who are trying to get good clean water, good food and medical care to people in the world that need it. I pray for the organizations in the world that are trying to give hope to people who need it. I lift up to you today the war in Iraq, in Afghanistan, the strife and the troubles in the Middle East. I pray for Palestine and I pray for Israel. I pray for North and South Korea. I pray for wherever terrorism is a real threat every day.

I also pray those who living in places where they are being abused – maybe at work, maybe at home, maybe at school. I pray for those today who feel the constant threat of danger. I pray that you will give them a new perspective in which to view their surroundings. I pray that you would bless people of the world and help them realize that they are not forgotten, that we are remembering them and we want to be of any help that we can be. Lift up their hands, lift up their hearts, those this day who are feeling the national and personal threats that are going on around them.

We thank you today for our food, clothing and shelter. We thank you for our families. We would ask you to bless our families today and give them hope and give them encouragement. Thank you for being a God who is a comforter, a God who is a protector. Today we lift up ourselves to you and ask for you to intercede in our lives as only you can.

Thank you for hearing our prayer. We pray this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ.


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