Today's story begins with Moses telling God that he doesn't feel worthy to lead the people out of Egypt. Moses had been in the desert watching sheep and goats when God appeared to Moses in a burning bush. God told Moses that he would lead the people out of Egypt.

"Who am I to go to the king and lead your people out of Egypt?"

God replied, "I will be with you. And you will know that I am the one who sent you, when you worship me on this mountain after you have led my people out of Egypt."

Moses answered, "I will tell the people of Israel that the God their ancestors worshiped has sent me to them. But what should I say, if they ask me your name?"

God said to Moses: "I am the eternal God. So tell them that the Lord, whose name is 'I AM,' has sent you."

"Call together the leaders of Israel and tell them that the God who was worshiped by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has appeared to you. Tell them I have seen how terribly they are being treated in Egypt, and I promise to lead them out of their troubles."

"Go to the King of Egypt and tell him to let the people walk three days into the desert where they can offer a sacrifice."

God continued, "I know the King of Egypt won't listen to you at first, so I will use my mighty power to perform all kinds of miracles and strike down the Egyptians."

This story is from the book of Exodus, chapter 3.

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