Economies of nations all over the world are having lots of trouble these days. Much of it has to do with rising energy prices. Increased demand for oil has driven the price to all-time highs. Oil cost rises have caused the price of just about everything to go up. This includes the price of food. The cost of food has also been driven up by bad weather in many of the world’s growing regions. Food prices have been pushed higher by the use of more corn to make biofuels for motor vehicles. Food riots have broken out in parts of Africa where hungry people cannot find enough to eat. In the Caribbean nation of Haiti, consumers have little choice but to eat less. One official of the United Nations calls it a brutal situation.

The news is not all grim. Experts say there will be more supplies available at lower prices in the future, as more crops are planted in such food producing nations as the United States and Canada. Responsible and caring people all over the world are doing their best to respond. Christian churches and Christian organizations continue to provide food assistance to people in countries where there is not enough food to go around. Christian organizations such as Healing Hands International are working to show people in hungry nations how to grow more of their own food.

Feeding the hungry is good work that Christians know they are called upon to do. Jesus Christ, the one whom Christians worship, told his followers to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and tend to those who are sick. We call these Christian virtues. Jesus said people who do these things will be blessed. They are indeed doing the very work of God.

That’s Today’s News and the Good News. I’m Doug Poling

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