English: “What’s Going On?” December 2016

From Rob Scobey, Senior Producer for International English

It’s Beginning to Sound at Least a Little Like Christmas

In Russia—it’s celebrated on January 7. Countries that follow Christian Orthodox traditions are guided by the older Julian calendar.

In the West, most countries, including the USA, celebrate Christmas on December 25th. And Your New Life Station’s English Hour follows the Western calendar.

Christmas, as long as anyone can remember, has been a mixture of faith and fun. The origins of these traditions are too varied and numerous to cover in this space.

For the 2016 Christmas holiday season, Your New Life Station will carry the best mix of faith (remembering the birth of Jesus Christ) and fun (Santa Claus and gift giving) in our music and feature stories—along with the everyday music and features listeners are accustomed to throughout the year.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will have all Christmas music. The week before Christmas will feature our Advent series of songs during Profiles in Christian Music. And our God’s Money series, which runs on Mondays, will deal with money management during the holiday shopping season. And yes, Santa Claus will make an appearance or two during the month of December on Your New Life Station.

The Pacific Rim and Southwest Asia

The Pacific Rim, the Indian subcontinent and southwest Asia provide the reasons Your New Life Station broadcasts the International English Hour. The Pacific Rim is that part of the Eastern Hemisphere that encompasses the English-prevalent countries of the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. Additionally—English is widely spoken in Indonesia. And English is the official language of government and commerce in the southwest Asian countries of India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Your New Life Station’s broadcast schedule makes use of Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), a 24-hour system also known as Greenwich Mean Time. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) is four hours behind UTC; Central Time (CDT) is five hours behind. When some parts of the world return to standard time for the winter, Eastern Standard Time (EST) is five hours behind UTC, and Central Standard Time (CST) is six hours behind. Outside the U.S.—most locations are on standard time all year rather than daylight time. Karachi is five hours ahead of UTC. Mumbai and New Delhi are five-and-a-half hours ahead.  Manila, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lampur are eight hours ahead. And Tokyo is nine hours ahead of UTC.

You can also use this website www.worldchristian.org or our listener website, www.knls.org to hear the English Hour if you’re not into shortwave radio. You can also access the broadcast through the KNLS app on your mobile device or through Google or Safari.

The English Hour is the Asian continent’s source for the music of our time and the message of all time. While we work to provide a geographical balance in the topics we feature, news about the USA is of great interest to many listeners around the world. The English Hour does tell stories about life in the United States and the state of Alaska, where the KNLS transmitter is located. Two of the programs are titled The American Highway and Postcard from Alaska. They often include a discussion of “American” principles—principles rooted in Christianity that are universally understood and applied. And our Eye on the World stories often show the interdependence of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Since our target audience is mostly non-Christians, our content is different from a typical Christian format station in America. While we provide our share of positive, uplifting content, some of our programming also provides an honest look at the dark side of life on Earth. Indeed, some program segments may raise questions that a thoughtful truth seeker will ask. And other segments, such as the Bible or Christian lifestyle lessons, serve to answer those questions.

Music to Love

Music is a universal language. Probably 80 per cent of the world’s pop tunes are sung in English, and are enjoyed by people everywhere, many who are themselves not proficient in English. The English hour features your favorite songs of the 80’s, 90’s, and today. International pop charts show that your favorite music is also the favorite of people who are culturally diverse—whether in Nairobi, Sydney, Singapore, or Jakarta.

The songs are pop, rock, r & b, and occasional hip-hop and country music that crosses over to the pop charts. The English Hour generally features music by artists from the U.S., the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Lately, music artists from all over Europe have found their names on or near the top of international pop charts.

In December, English Hour listeners will hear new music from Adele, Clean Bandit, Galantis, Jonas Blue, Train, and the Veronicas. And you’ll hear new versions of holiday season favorites from The Pentatonix and Sarah McLachlan.

Souder & Friends

Larry Souder’s offerings for the Christmas holiday season include “Santa’s Workshop,” “Christmas Tree Lady”, and “Christmas Memories”—as well as “New Year’s Walk of Life.”

News to Know

The English hour features reports about topics of current interest. Marcy Bryan reports about entertainment, business, and religious news. Kelly Ann Monahan has the latest developments in medicine, science, and computer technology. Paul Ladd provides special reports about diverse topics, religious and secular. Doug Poling provides commentary on the news from a Christian perspective on Today’s News & the Good News. And Bob Waliszewski of Focus on the Family provides Plugged-in reviews of the latest movies, music, and computer games.

Upcoming Reports for December 2016:

  • Nashville, Tennessee and Government Camp, Oregon, USA, are among the best places to be if you want to see a total eclipse of the sun in August. Kelly Ann Monahan reports.
  • Kelly Ann also reports on the latest research on anti-cholesterol meds, and a new device to allow paralyzed ALS patients to communicate.
  • Does James Bond really represent British Secret Service agents? Marcy Bryan reports.
  • Marcy also reports about the Water Seer, new technology that plucks liquid water out of the air and requires no electric power.
  • Bumblebees are necessary for pollination of food crops. Are they in danger of extinction? Dermot Cole reports.
  • Dermot also reports on efforts to stop poaching of walruses for their ivory.
  • What is the future of radio? Paul Ladd reports from the convention of the National Association of Broadcasters in the U.S.
  • Paul also reports on the 2016 activities of the shoe charity Soles for Souls. You may be surprised by the people who need shoes.
  • Bob Waliszewski reviews, for family friendliness, the movies Moana and Rules Don’t Apply, and Bon Jovi’s new album This House Is Not for Sale.

A Message to Live

This is what we’re about and why we’re on the air and on the internet. Our mission is to present the lessons of the Bible, including and emphasizing the Good News in an interesting, non-threatening way.

Ongoing Series

  • Andy Baker’s Prayer Lesson
  • Author’s Journal with Dick Brackett
  • Believers’ Hall of Faith with Bill Young
  • Creation Moments with Ian Taylor
  • Direction with Rubel Shelly
  • Eye on Religion-Archaeology emphasis with Marcy Bryan
  • Family Minute with Brit Ryan
  • First Person with Paul Ladd
  • God’s Money with Steve Maganelles and Don White
  • Groundwire with Sean Dunn
  • I Love Life with Jerry Dahmen
  • Life Stories with Joe Norris
  • Profiles of the New Testament with Bob Borquez
  • Proflies of the Old Testament with Royce Kessler
  • Refiner’s Fire with Paul Ladd
  • The Big Picture with Steve Diggs
  • The God Who Makes Himself Known with Bill Young
  • True Stories of the Bible with Bill Steensland
  • Unforgettable Conversations with Larry Souder

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